Journalism, Photography and Video Internship Seminar

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Madrid, Spain
Unpaid Opportunity
21 Nov 2018
21 Dec 2018
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Temporary, Unpaid
Part Time

During the Journalism, Photography and Video Internship Seminar, students are integrated in an intensive journalism, photography and video program, coordinated by an Editor and with the participation of RGNN Experts and Mentors who specialize in publishing content in the ever-changing media landscape.

The Internship Seminar is a dynamic program that includes Editorial Meetings, Journalism Confabs, Journalism Workshops, Photography Workshops, Video Workshops, Mentoring Sessions, Feedback Sessions, Site Visits and Instagram City Tours with a cultural immersion aspect, as well as Work Time.

Students pitch their ideas for stories, receive hands-on feedback from our Editor, and at the end of the program, graduate with a portfolio of content to show to future employers. The best student work may be published, in digital format, on the platform. 

Academic Content

  • Orientation. During Orientation, our Editor will present the academic requirements and will outline the work plan.
  • Editorial Meetings. Students pitch ideas for stories and stories are assigned. Students can create content for all the channels of the news agency:
  • Gobernanza. Politics, Economy & Business.
  • Innovation. Science, Tech & Education.
  • Espectaculart. Art, Culture & Sports.
  • Glamour. Fashion, Lifestyle, Social Media, Celebrities.
  • GapBrave. Travel (Global).
  • MADbudget. Travel Guide to Madrid, Spain.
  • Journalism Confabs. During the Internship Seminar, our Editor will carry out various confabs, providing essential advice so that students can launch their future career as journalists, photographers and videographers.
  • Workshops. The Internship Seminar includes interactive workshops with prestigious RGNN Experts and Mentors. The objective of the workshops is to bring students one step close to their future career as journalists. Examples of workshops in past Internship Seminars:
  • “Travel Journalism 101: How to Get Paid to Travel” with RGNN Expert Benjamin Jones
  • “The Ultimate Guide to Online Journalism with Vogue’s Web Editor” with RGNN Expert Nuala Phillips
  • “Falling in Love with Madrid’s La Latina: Street Photography” with RGNN Expert Denis Doyle.
  • “Behind the Scenes: the Importance of Fixers in Journalism” with RGNN Expert Patricia Rafael Lage.
  • Site Visits and Instagram City Tours. The program is complemented with site visits to companies and organizations related to the subject matter of the Internship Seminar, as well as Instagram City Tours to the main tourist attractions in Madrid, Spain.
  • Past site visits have included, for example: the newsroom at El Mundo, one of the largest newspapers in Spain; Grupo Prisa and its wide-reaching radio station; Internet República, a SEO Marketing company with offices in Madrid, Miami and more; or Matadero Madrid, a cultural center that welcomed Michelle Obama during her visit to Spain.
  • Mentoring Sessions & Work Time. Mentoring Sessions and mandatory work time under the tutelage of our Editor in order to ensure student progress on their stories.
  • Feedback Sessions. Our Editor provides verbal feedback on students’ stories. All work must be submitted by the deadlines scheduled by RGNN to receive feedback.
  • Final Evaluation of the Internship Seminar. All students must submit a final evaluation before the end of the Internship Seminar.
  • Photo and video portfolio. All students must submit a photo and video portfolio documenting their experiences throughout the program. The best work may be selected for publication on RGNN’s diverse communications and social media channels.


  • Students who successfully complete the Internship Seminar can graduate with a Journalism, Photo and Video Portfolio Certification, an Internship Seminar Certification including a Certification of Academic Credit, and a Letter of Recommendation of Merit, if applicable.   
  • The program culminates with a formal Graduation Ceremony, in which students are awarded their Certifications and Honorable Mentions, accompanied by a farewell tapas reception.
  • The Internship Seminar includes the participation of a photographer to document the activities of the Internship Seminar. The photographer will make varied visual material available to students for their personal and professional use, as well as for their publication on social media.
  • The Internship Seminar tuition fee includes central accommodations in the city of Madrid. The accommodations will be assigned by ROOSTERGNN according to availability of the different Academy locations in Madrid. Twelve nights.
  • The Internship Seminar includes a bilingual local emergency support phone number (Spanish / English), available twenty-four (24) hours a day.
  • Before the start of the Internship Seminar, enrolled students will receive a Logistical Welcome Packet via email with logistical information. The Academic Welcome Packet, with details such as the updated Schedule, will be delivered to students in person on the first day of the Internship Seminar in Madrid.
  • Students will be evaluated continually throughout the Program, and remaining enrolled in the Internship Program will be necessarily linked to the student’s compliance of a minimum set of goals within the Program as subject to the Tuition.

Completing the goals of the Program allows students to obtain the following academic or curricular documentation:

  • Certification of Journalism, Photography and Video Portfolio.
  • Internship Seminar Certification specializing in Journalism, Photography and Video.
  • Certification of Academic Credit. Students who have met all requirements of the Program obtain a Certification of Academic Credit. ROOSTERGNN will certify a total of sixty (60) hours of academic credit per Two-Week Module.
  • Processing of University Agreements (Convenios) and/or other External Academic Documentation for Academic Credit (optional and subject to approval by RGNN). Those students who wish to request the processing of university agreements (convenios) and/or other external academic documentation for academic credit for their university must submit all such documentation by the deadline indicated by RGNN. No requests for external academic documentation will be processed after this deadline.

Completing more than one Two-Week Module allows students to obtain the following academic or curricular documentation.

  • Letter of Recommendation of Merit. There are three levels of evaluation that permit obtaining a Letter of Recommendation: Sufficient, Good, Excellent. There will be no Letter of Recommendation for students who do not meet the Sufficient level. The Experts and Mentors of the Seminar will conduct the evaluation of merit.

ROOSTERGNN follows a strict evaluation process for issuing academic and/or curricular documentation. Students must have completed all requirements of the Program to obtain any type of academic and/or curricular documentation.

All processing of academic and/or curricular documentation is conducted EXCLUSIVELY via email Academic and/or curricular documentation is issued via email in PDF format, within twenty-five (25) business days after the last day of the Seminar.

About You

  • No knowledge of Spanish is required. All Experts and Mentors are bilingual (Spanish-English).

If you are applying with a friend and would like to be placed in the same accommodation, please email to indicate this.

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