Work with an independent rapper!

Unpaid opportunity with the chance for commission
24 Oct 2018
24 Nov 2018
Contract Type

Artist Manager

  • Support and help to drive forward artist’s overall vision, strategy and business – including music, marketing, events, merchandising, publicity, promotion and communication
  • Seek out and help secure opportunities for artist – events, partnerships, sponsorships, brand deals, etc.
  • Represent and negotiate on behalf of the artist with third parties
  • Monitor sales, streams, views, fan engagement analytics and other metrics to help create innovative strategies and campaigns
  • Bring new ideas to the table and help to oversee the overall team and ongoing running of things

Booking Agent

  • Seek live opportunities for the artist locally, nationally and internationally – to help grow and develop artist’s fan base, reputation and revenue - includes live performances (gigs, tours, festivals, support slots), speaking engagements and masterclasses
  • Develop and maintain contacts within various scenes (venues, festivals, industry events, universities, schools, etc.) to consistently find new opportunities
  • Help book artist onto relevant events. Negotiate fees and booking contracts

Promotion & Marketing Manager

  • Help grow artist’s brand by increasing visibility, following, engagement and sales - through online and offline channels
  • Create and curate social media content – images, videos, posts, contests, etc.
  • Promote new releases, events and merchandise
  • Seek out and engage compatible influencers - develop relationships, create partnerships and new opportunities for growth
  • Increase sales of music and merchandise sales online and offline

Event/Tour Manager

  • Organise and plan live events – both individual gigs and multi-date tours
  • Support event/tour promotion efforts and manage relationships with third parties (venues, promoters, etc.)
  • Ensure that life on the road runs smoothly for everyone involved - arranging transport and accommodation, communicating show day itineraries, managing tech-set up, etc.
  • Liaise with venues and promoters, manage merchandise setup and sales at events, collect email addresses, etc.

Content Creator (Photographer & Videographer)

  • Capture photos and videos to document the process and journey – including photos of the artist, team, fans, live events, merchandise, vlogs, etc.
  • Create and edit content for distribution online
  • Assist with overall content strategy for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other mediums.

Street Team Members (multiple roles)

  • Help raise artist’s profile through real-world and social media activity
  • Flyering, wearing merchandise, selling artist’s CDs and merchandise, creating and sharing social media posts, promoting and selling tickets for gigs and tours, positive word of mouth in the community, etc.

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