£22,700 per annum
29 Aug 2018
30 Sep 2018
Full Time

We employ a talented team of creatives in our Folkestone studio who work on multiple client projects. Together we create consistently high quality, thought-provoking animated films.   

Our Animators provide creative solutions for our animated films, working with our team of Senior Creatives and Illustrators.  They are detail focused, and able to work quickly and accurately towards tight deadlines.



  • 1.Provide animation solutions for projects, in particular: - Demonstrate the ability to create aesthetically pleasing solutions
  •  -Demonstrate a good sense of timing and spacing
  • -Be well practiced in the basics of animation principles
  •  -Be willing to generate and put forward ideas
  • 2. Liaise with the Production Manager on project timelines and schedules, and ensure that work is provided within agreed deadlines.
  • 3. Follow direction from project leads, and keep them up to date with progress, on each assignment.
  • 4. Liaise with project teams in line with agreed project management processes.
  • 5. Help manage the company’s workspaces and equipment, as instructed.
  • 6. Undertake other such duties as may be required to ensure the smooth running of all Cognitive operations.

Signals of Success

  • A. The Director is happy with quality of the Animator’s work and creative contributions.
  • B. The Production Manager is happy with the Animator’s approach to deadlines and project management.
  • C. The Animator understands what is expected of him/her in every project.
  • D. The Animator is continually learning new things and improving his/her skills and knowledge.



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