Part time TV Producer

Venus Awards
Unpaid Opportunity
05 Feb 2018
05 Mar 2018
Contract Type
Unpaid, Work Placement, 0-3 months

Venus empowers a community of leaders to become a movement of change.

We have arranged a broadcast studio and crew for the first round of filming which will take place at the end of February. It will be a mixture of live and recorded productions to be streamed/shown on the Venus YouTube channel.

This is quite an exciting time right now as we are still in the process of deciding all sorts of things and you are invited to provide input into this process, for example:

1. What format should the show take?
2. How do we deliver our message in a populist/modern way?
3. What is the best way to promote the show?
4. How do we inspire engagement?
5. How do we grow our viewership?

And to help deliver this vision we are offering an intern a hands-on production role. 


  • Oversee each episode from conception to completion
  • Also be involved in the marketing and distribution process.
  • Work closely with the Director and other production staff at each shoot.
  • Accept responsibility for, and be credited with, the practical elements of pulling together a television production.
  • Our overarching values are to support, nurture and grow. Our goal is to provide topics of interest to our audience that satisfy our values.
  • The CEO who has many years of experience in television and event production.
  • Tara Howard, the Venus Awards Founder, who will require active support in her role as the Venus TV Host.

About You

  • Have great organisational skills
  • Be a creative thinker
  • Exude confidence in their ability to deliver
  • Work in a team environment as well as work autonomously
  • Be firmly committed and extremely reliable.

We expect to shoot 9 hours of television over the next three months. Each 10 – 20-minute episode will be produced as “re-purposeable” content forming the base for other mediums such as podcasts, webinars, magazine articles, blogs, training videos etc

Working in a highly flexible environment, the successful intern can choose their monthly schedule based on the deadlines and outcomes needed to satisfy the production and distribution schedules.

This is an unpaid position and we estimate no more than 140 – 160 hours will be needed which will be spread out over the remainder of this term.

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