Student Consultant Team Member

Role: To be team members on the course development, approval and revalidation teams on behalf of Southampton Solent University (SSU).

Responsibilities: For the roles, students would be a part of the team that reviews, designs and develops the new course structure and the required documentation for the Course Approval Panel. The student focus would be inputting on issues impacting the quality of the student experience, such as student engagement, assessment practices and clarity of documentation etc. The students would also be part of the panel reviewing the submission of course approval/ revalidation documentation, again with a focus on the same student issues as listed above. Students who apply will be put into a standing panel with opportunities to undertake either of the roles and full training would be given. Undertaking these positions will enable students to build upon existing skills, which would enhance their CVs and employability prospects.

Essential Skills

We are looking to build on the skills you will have developed and can evidence from undertaking a Higher Education programme and other extra-curricular internal or external activities:

· Proven ability to interpret documentation with strong evaluation and analytical skills

· Evidence of effective communication and team working skills

· Understanding of the importance of providing high quality work and timely engagement

· An ability to work with electronic and/or web-based communication systems

· A high level of ability to work effectively independently

· Enthusiasm

Essential Criteria

· Be a fully enrolled student member of SSU and normally studying at Level 5 or above

· Receive a supporting statement from your Course Leader or equivalent

· Successful completion of the provided training

How many hours of work:

There are no set hours, however in line with reasonable expectations of your time, there will be meetings which you will need to attend and engage in as part of the course development and/or revalidation teams. For the course approval and periodic review panel(s) there will be documents which you will be required to review, evaluate and complete a report on. Again, full training will be given in these aspects.

Start date:

Successful applicants will be required from early November 2017 and then on-going throughout the academic year. Students would need to make themselves available for training sessions in October/early November.

Salary details

£150 per panel

How to Apply

Please email the following to Kate Freeman/ Chloe Teague, Quality Officer (Operations), Academic Services, kate.freeman@solent.ac.uk chloe.teague@solent.ac.uk: 

· Copy of your CV and a covering letter ensuring your contact details are included

· A statement in support of your application, which gives examples of how you meet the essential skills which are listed for these positions (maximum 500 words).

· Supporting statement from your Course Leader or equivalent.

Location: Southampton, Hampshire

Salary: £150 fixed fee

Posted: 18/09/2017

Closes: 15/10/2017

Contract Type: Jobs on campus

Hours: Part Time

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