Full Stack Developer

£14,000 per annum
07 Sep 2017
07 Oct 2017
Full Time

Candidate will be assigned tasks for various web application development, object-oriented Javascript and PHP projects. Projects will include developing and supporting our in-house SaaS applications, customer websites, as well as developing new mobile web-apps and web-based software.


  • Successful candidates will be guided by an experienced programmer but will also encounter the deep end when things are busy!
  • We are developing all our products with React front-ends backed by REST-ful APIs built with Laravel. Our application development is done in a version-controlled environment with Git, with source code and issues management with GitHub. Candidates will get to learn a lot about collaborating in a programming environment, using version control systems (Git), cloud deployment strategies and developing and contributing to open-source software.
  • This role has many routes to take in the future, including software development, mobile application development, web/data services, etc. We encourage students to take time to work on passion projects in-house – we are looking for a student who will keep us appraised of new advancements and new technologies and continually develop themselves in all relevant areas of software engineering on frameworks used by the team.
  • We promise that the successful candidate will thoroughly enjoy the role, be challenged by the work, and will gain an enormous amount of experience from a wide range of projects, varying from simple to semi-complex applications, and exciting web-based applications.

About You

  • Object-Oriented PHP and JavaScript programming
  • Experience with PHP frameworks such as Laravel or Symphony, and JavaScript frameworks/libraries such as React, Angular or Backbone.js preferable.
  • An interest in Node.js, React, Flow and other emerging technologies is a bonus. 
  • MySQL database development
  • HTML/CSS/SASS/css-in-js (e.g. css-modules/styled-components)
  • Knowledge of Terminal, git version control and basic server management
  • A good programmer can quickly learn and adopt new skills, languages and frameworks.
  • Candidates who demonstrate personal/previous projects or commercial experience are likely to stand out, however we are looking for the best programmer to fill this role so some personal demonstration is mandatory.
  • This is primarily a programming role, students must demonstrate a passion for online web application development and enthusiasm for learning and adopting emerging technologies.

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