Smart Metering Project Engineer – KTP Associate

Okehampton, Devon
£27,000 – £31,000 per annum
20 Jul 2017
10 Sep 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

The job - This is an exciting role for an aspiring electronics hardware and embedded device engineer to develop and bring to market a revolutionary waste water Smart Meter that will measure and analyse flow rate and properties of constituent materials flowing in sewage or grey water discharge pipes. This is a three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Ashridge Engineering Ltd and the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bath.

The role is full-time and will be based in Ashridge Engineering Ltd premises at Okehampton, a small market town in Devon with limited public transport so own transport may be required. Throughout the project the KTP Associate will play a key role in managing and implementing strategic development in the business and transferring knowledge between the University and the business.

The company - Ashridge Engineering Ltd is a UK SME with 35 years’ experience designing and manufacturing control, protection and measurement equipment for a diverse range of industries, primarily within the water and electrical supply industry sectors. Over this time, the company has become renowned for the highest level of customer service and the provision of quality and reliable products.  Heavily investing in Research & Development and working closely with academia has enabled them to lead the way with innovative products, incorporating new technologies and sophisticated algorithms and techniques.

About You: 

  • Have a PhD, or equivalent professional/significant relevant experience where applicable, in one of these areas: Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Physics.
  • Experience and proficiency designing, implementing, and debugging digital systems implemented around embedded processors or microcontrollers.
  • Practical experience of having adapted complex algorithms into a form suitable for efficient execution on embedded devices.
  • Knowledge and experience of signal processing techniques and algorithms, ideally relevant to image or video applications.
  • Knowledge of scientific programming language skills (e.g. Matlab or R).
  • Ability to use project management principles and techniques to schedule the delivery of a multi-party product design (including working with sub-contractors).
  • Be a very strong communicator, and demonstrate the ability to work with both the academic supervisor as well as with industrial colleagues and supervisors.


  • Electronics Hardware Development. Research, design specification and integration of a stable, manufacturable and saleable version of the electronics and mechanical hardware for a contact based Smart Meter product which meets industry quality standards and international regulations. Tasks will include development and refining laboratory electronic circuit prototypes and mechanical assemblies to optimise the key elements of the system, (e.g. sensing arrays, drive electronics, multiplexing, signal detection and EMC screening elements).
  • Project Management. Working in an industrial environment to project manage and lead (under company supervision) the development, design and testing of a waste water Smart Meter that will measure and analyse flow rate and properties of constituent materials flowing in sewage or grey water discharge pipes.
  • Software Development.  Research, implement and refine signal processing, tomographic image reconstruction, self-calibration and display algorithms for the above Smart Meter hardware.
  • Research. Undertake challenging research and development into the implementation of an improved Smart Meter product employing ‘through wall’ contact-less pipe sensor. Tasks will require development of sensitive admittivity measurement and tomography imaging techniques, hardware and advanced signal processing capabilities.
  • Teamwork and motivation. This project is part of a wider team effort and flexibility will be required when scheduling tasks and there will be some mini-projects in addition to the KTP projects. Be a very strong communicator, and demonstrate the ability to work with both the academic supervisor and the wider team in the University’s Engineering Tomography Lab (ETL group) as well as with industrial colleagues and supervisors.
  • Initiative and problem-solving. The main objectives of the project and the desired timeline are set but how they will be achieved will be dictated by the evolution of the research. The Associate must therefore be self-motivated to complete the tasks and manage the project accordingly.
  • Customer Interaction. Further develop the Smart Meter product as required by customer applications.
  • Supervision. At specific times in the project, the Associate might be expected to supervise technical personnel for completion of specific tasks, either in person or remotely.
  • Liaison and Networking. The project relies on a good dissemination of results but also the pro-active search for the right information, sometimes outside the applicant’s direct skill set, and sometimes to show external customers the results of the project and how it matches their objectives. Timely and relevant exchanges of information are primordial.
  • Communication. The Associate is expected to write monthly progress reports and prepare executive summaries and other reports for the Local Management Committee (LMC) meetings. Within the limits of commercial confidentiality, the Associate will have the opportunity to deliver papers at conferences and will be expected to co-author articles in peer-reviewed international publications. Excellent written and oral communication skills are therefore important.


  • Accelerate your career
  • Gain valuable experience and marketable, highly transferable skills
  • Take early responsibility for a high profile project
  • Receive mentoring from the company and an experienced academic team
  • Opportunity to gain a professional qualification
  • Receive practical and formal management training and development
  • Enjoy an excellent chance of a permanent post with the company