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About Better Placed

At Better Placed, we believe in what we call The Real Network. It’s our way of describing our guiding principles when it comes to resourcing and we’re convinced that it really sets us apart. But what exactly does it mean, and how did we arrive at it?

It’s like this. One of our fundamental beliefs is that great placement isn’t about hurling masses of CVs at clients you don’t really understand. Rather, it’s about matching candidates and employers through deep insights and strong networks. You can’t do that reliably unless you take the time to create an understanding of both candidates and employers which goes well beyond the superficial.

So unlike some other firms, we always try to go beyond online relationships and get to know people in the real world. Talking and listening, preferably face-to-face, rather than just emailing, twittering,   IM-ing or whatever else happens to be the preferred online channel that week.

We try to take the time to understand what really makes an organisation a great place to work. Similarly, we try to establish what candidates are really about, rather than lazily taking their CVs at face value. Understanding the ‘real’ side of things helps us to satisfy our promise of fitting people to organisations, not just CVs to jobs.

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