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United Kingdom

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About KFC

KFC is a brilliant company, full of incredible people. We make great food, and we care about how we do it. We don’t do things by halves at KFC.

Our chicken is freshly hand-breaded all day, every day. There’s an easier way to make fried chicken of course, but easy isn’t what we’re after. We’re after the best tasting chicken, every single time. We know it takes more work, but it’s the right way to make it Finger Lickin’ Good.

We first came to Britain over 50 years ago. Today we are a billion pound business which incorporates over 900 stores and altogether we employ over 27,000 people in the UK. Of the c.900 restaurants in the UK, 850 of our restaurants are owned and operated by 40 franchise partners; the remaining 50 are company owned and run as own to learn restaurants as a test bed of innovation.


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