LEOlingo Sprachcamps fuer Kinder

Contact: Anne-Marie Albone

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About LEOlingo Sprachcamps fuer Kinder

'LEOlingo Sprachcamps fuer Kinder' organise English and French summer camps for German children in Bavaria. Our focus is not on teaching the children intense vocabulary and grammar, but rather on concentrating on the children's understanding and speaking of the language in a fun environment. 

Our counsellors are English and French native speakers from all over the world. Every day the counsellors create a varied and exciting programme for the children, teaching them about their country and their culture. From playing cricket to helping them write and perform a play. 

Our one-week language camps are available as day or overnight camps. All camps offer a varied programme consisting of sport, games, crafts, drama and music. At our special camps, the children can also go canoeing, climbing or horse riding. In Bavaria we have camps in places such as Regensburg, Nuremberg and Erlangen.

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