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About LEOlingo Sprachcamps fuer Kinder

LEOlingo Süddeutschland is a small, family-owned company based in Bavaria, Germany. Our LEOlingo English and French language camps are not about overloading the children with grammar and vocabulary, but about helping the children to speak and understand the language in everyday situations. We encourage them to have fun with the language through a variety of fun activities and games – some camps even offer a special activity, such as canoeing, horse riding or waterskiing!


Before the camps begin, each counsellor will partake in a week-long intensive training session, where you will be trained to teach a language according to the varied LEOlingo programme.


The camps themselves take place in different villages, towns and cities around Bavaria in southern Germany for six weeks during the summer break. These camps often take place in schools, Boy Scout areas, youth centres, monasteries, cabins… and even in castles! It is likely that you will work at a number of campsites over the summer – our counsellors generally change camps every 1 to 3 weeks.


LEOlingo day camps generally last from Monday until Friday; overnight camps often start on Sunday afternoon/evening and run until Friday.


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