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Solent Graduate Jobs (SGJ) is Solent University’s tailor-made recruitment site, putting our students and graduates in contact with employers who are offering placements, graduate jobs, work experience, internships, volunteering opportunities and jobs on campus. The administration team manage and publish all vacancies in accordance with the Recruiter Vacancy Policy. If you have any questions about this or would like to speak to a member of the team please email employers@solent.ac.uk.  

We work with hundreds of local, national and international recruiters who approach the University looking for Solent students and Solent graduates to work for them. We also actively approach recruiters whose business relates to the Solent course portfolio. 


International students and graduates

Solent University holds a Tier 4 sponsor licence to recruit international students who require a Visa in order to study or work in the UK.  


Most Students will be on a Tier 4 Visa. It is a condition of their Visa is that if they are studying for a degree level qualification (NQF6 or above) they are restricted to working 20 hours per week in term time, across all employment they undertake.  

It is a criminal offence for students to breach their visa conditions, and anyone found doing so by UK Visas and Immigration is likely to have their permission to stay in the UK curtailed . Employers are expected to carry out ‘Right to Work Checks’ in accordance with UKVI Guidance and keep records that they have done so. Employers who allow students to work in breach of their visa conditions may themselves be subject to a Civil Penalty.  

It is therefore essential that if you recruit a student or a graduate who has limited leave to stay in the UK you comply with these regulations, as issued by the Home Office. For full details about Tier 4 Visa working requirements please see ‘Can I work whilst in the UK’ point 266 – 273 of the Tier 4 Policy Guidance document.  

A  Tier 4 student’s current immigration permission (visa or Biometric Residence Permit) will contain the sponsor number of the institution where they are, or have most recently been studying and should also state their work conditions.   


International Graduates will normally require either a Tier 1 Visa (Graduate Entrepreneur) or a Tier 2 (General) Visa which allows them to work in the UK.  Both these Visas come with restrictions, please check the relevant guidance available on the gov.uk website:  

Tier 1 overview   

Tier 2 overview.  

In order to employ an international graduate who will require a Tier 2 (General) Visa you will need to hold a Tier 2 licence from UKVI to recruit skilled workers from outside the Resident Labour Market (currently UK/EEA Nationals). You will need to issue the international graduate with a Certificate of Sponsorship to allow them to apply for their visa. Please read the guidance on becoming a Tier 2 Sponsor if you are considering employing an international student and do not already hold a sponsorship license.  

Students on degree–level courses of 12 months or more are normally granted Tier 4 immigration permission valid for a maximum of 4 months past the end date of their course. Once their studies are completed they are expected to either make a fresh immigration application before their existing leave expires if they qualify to do so, or leave the UK. Once a student graduates they are no longer the responsibility of Solent University, and if they are sponsored by an employer in the UK after this date the employer is solely responsible for their sponsorship and ensuring compliance with the conditions of their Visa. 


Updated: 04/05/2018