Technical Graduate Scheme

  • How can we enhance our pricing sophistication to ensure the prices we charge accurately reflect the risk we are taking?
  • How can we extract value from data to further enhance our products, whilst driving efficiencies through artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  • How do we adapt our motor insurance products to reflect the changing risk presented by vehicle technology?

These are some of the questions you could help solve on our Technical Graduate Scheme, designed to provide you with all the skills and know-how needed to become a successful pricing, data or account underwriting expert of the future.


  • The Technical Graduate Scheme provides you with the opportunity to rotate across our pricing, data and account underwriting teams to understand how we price, monitor and enrich our products.
  • Through the use of sophisticated pricing techniques, you could help inform our underwriting and pricing decisions with a greater level of certainty, to ensure the prices we charge are both appropriate for the risk being taken, whilst remaining competitive within the market.
  • Alternatively, you could be analysing and extracting value from data to further inform our decision making, whilst driving efficiencies through robotisation initiatives in order to keep pace in an ever-increasing technological environment.
  • Underwriting and pricing is becoming ever-more advanced, so developing expertise in these areas opens the door to a whole range of opportunities. For example data analytics, account underwriting, portfolio analytics, pricing - all with the potential to develop into senior leadership roles. The opportunities are as varied and broad as the business and your aspirations.
  • The Technical Graduate Scheme is based within our head office in Guildford, yet there may be opportunity to spend some time in one of our underwriting branches across the UK.

Tip: Solent Futures, Solent University’s employability and enterprise service advises that you ensure your CV is the best it can be before you submit it. Look at our online guide or email for feedback. You might want to visit us in RM 001 11am – 4pm to get your CV checked and, if you are invited for interview, to arrange for a mock interview.

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