Junior Market Research Assistant

Unpaid opportunity
20 Sep 2018
28 Dec 2018
Contract Type
Temporary, Voluntary, Unpaid

Victoria’s Promise is a young, fast growing and innovative not-for-profit charity, doubling it’s reach year on year since inception. Victoria’s Promise’s mission is to fill the physical, social, emotional and practical gaps in cancer care for men and women of all ages, all across the UK; services that help improve the chance of survival and quality of life.

Victoria’s Promise also conduct cutting edge research with UCL and provide the latest in health and wellbeing education seminars to schools, GP surgeries and businesses; with a mission to help reduce the number of cancer occurrences and recurrences.


  • Committed to providing quality work experience for young adults with the opportunity to build transferable skills in a fulfilling, modern and purposeful not-for-profit environment, Victoria’s Promise launched the DLR Internship Programme.
  • Victoria’s Promise’s internal projects are categorised into three pillars, DEPTH, LIFE and REACH (DLR) which are designed to support the organisation’s mission. The DLR Internship Programme provides the opportunity for Interns to experience one specialist pillar or cycle through each pillar for a varied and rich work experience.
  • This position is for someone with a passion for people, for understanding markets, and for continuous improvement.
  • This is a varied role as part of the DEPTH pillar, where projects are to do with creating an outstanding experience for anyone who has a touch point with Victoria’s Promise.
  • From our staff to our support services to those we support.
  • This role ensures that we have a continuous cycle of feedback to ensure we are as good as we think we are and to actively seek for ways we can be better.
  • This role also has a research aspect where we are always looking to grow our network of support partners and services to give those with cancer and their families the best choices of physical, mental, social/emotional and practical support services.
  • Finally, we work closely with the NHS, local Care Commissioning Groups and local MPs, and this role will be supporting the General Manager in creating further relationships whilst deepening existing ones.
  • This role is based on the ability and passion to form relationships and foster them to flourish; all with objective to obtain critical feedback, a community of support services and deep meaningful relationships with local Government and Councils. This role is for anyone interested in exploring a career in the Not-for-profit sector, Care, Market Research, Project Management, and/or Civil Service.
  • Research and build a community of specialists, who will be vetted by our internal team, in the following key areas: Counsellors; Nutritionists; Beauticians; Childminders; Oncology Therapists; Domestic Cleaners, Wig Specialists and Yoga Teachers
  • Quarterly feedback formerly collected from all those supported by VP
  • Results, analysis and recommendations for improvements to services based on feedback
  • Quarterly feedback formerly collected from Interns regarding the Internship Programme
  • Results, analysis and recommendations for improvements to services based on feedback
  • Work with GM on CCG and Government relationships

About You

  • Strong academic credentials
  • Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to work as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Strong administrative and numerical skills, and a proven knowledge of IT systems
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Recommended Interests:
  • Market and Healthcare Research
  • Project Management and Facilitation
  • Partnership and Relationship Development


  • Expenses Paid

Please email your CV with a cover email; we suggest including why you are applying for the role and why you believe you are well suited.

Please note this opportunity is unpaid, and it is for students who undertake compulsory placements as part of their course. Solent University does not endorse unpaid opportunities outside of the curriculum. However, should you decide to take on this position you need to consider your financial situation and consider how you would support yourself for the duration of the experience. With overseas placements or internships it is worth noting that some companies may charge additional fees and should be thoroughly researched before committing. If you have any questions about this opportunity please contact employers@solent.ac.uk

Solent University has a limited funding scheme to support students on unpaid work experience or placement opportunities:



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